Why Focus Is Important To Me

Focus can apply to larger long-term goals as well as the immediate task at hand. I like to think of focus as the rudder on a ship. Without a rudder a ship will still move around, but only where the wind and current take it, not necessarily in the intended direction. Focus is the same way, you can still get things done without intentional focus, but those actions might not reflect your goals and aspirations.

You’ll note I said intentional focus above. It is quite possible to unintentionally focus on something and then that focus will determine your outcome or reality. So we must be intentional in our focus. If you can keep your long-term goals in focus this will help lay the groundwork for intentional focus in your immediate tasks. Without that long-term focus it is much more likely that you will succumb to unintentional focus (dealing with whatever is in front of you and seems urgent).

Long-term focus is the “keep your eyes on the prize” mentality. You know where you want to go and even if there are things you don’t like doing, if they are necessary to meet your goals you need to focus on them. Focusing on immediate and short-term tasks is part of finding your “flow” and single-tasking on that one task for a specified time period or until it is complete.

It can be too easy, especially when you are tired or stressed, to set yourself adrift and “put out fires” / just do whatever comes across your desk. By intentionally focusing on what is important we can better achieve our goals.

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