Persistent Optimism in the Face of Change

We are faced with varying levels of change every day. Some change is positive and some is negative. How we look at things can have a large impact on how we are able to cope. If we choose an optimistic lens to look through, and persistently hold on to the hope and confidence that instills in us, we can achieve the abundance we desire.

We can use persistent optimism as a change-agent in our lives and in the lives of others. When we select a worthy goal and persist in our commitment to see it through, regardless of rejection and self-doubt, we can overcome almost any obstacle and limitation. As we know, this is not easy. Along the way, setbacks may tempt us to lose confidence. Naysayers may convince us that we cannot achieve our vision. We may simply decide that we are too tired to continue. However, the force of optimism will always overcome that of pessimism, if we can only consistently muster the determination to keep going.

One way we can view this is through the struggle we may encounter between keeping the status quo or facing change, between our desire to try something adventurous and the lure of playing it safe. We may struggle to overcome the inertia of safety as we are faced with something new; something that we may actually like; something that will change the way we view the world. However, our resistance is not based on facts or experience, but is a stubborn refusal to respond to this call—a refusal to enter the unknown and accept the risk that comes with changing our old habits. Once we do overcome the resistance, and step outside of our comfort zone, we may be delighted to find that what we were uncomfortable with is actually good for us and helps us to grow.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins. Not through strength, but through persistence.”

By keeping ourselves as persistent agents of change, hope, and optimism, we can overcome what may seem like impenetrable rock and find that through this persistence our resistance was worn down and we became open to change.

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