How to find time to read

Start the year off with a decision to read more books to continue learning.

Why is reading more so important? Regardless of your field, there is always more to learn. This is an investment in yourself, and while it can be easy to put yourself last that is not sustainable. You will find yourself left behind and stressed.

Look at how you spend your day. Are there a few minutes that you could easily reassign to reading? For example, if I know I have something with a wait time, such as waiting for a doctor’s appointment or car service, I bring a book with me to read. If you have a book with you, it is easy to take advantage of “found” time during the day. If it works for you, you can also read books digitally. Then there is one less thing to carry, if you can read a book on your phone more than likely you’ll always have your phone with you. So even if you didn’t bring a physical book, you can still get some reading done during unexpected available time.

You can also schedule reading time just like you would any other appointment. Find a time that works for you, perhaps early in the morning or before bedtime, and put it in your calendar to remind you to get your reading done. When that time comes, set aside all distractions and focus on reading. It is important that you keep these appointments with yourself just like they were appointments with other people.

I find if you set aside some time every day for reading, even if it is a few minutes a day, before long you will be finished and ready to move to your next book. Take notes and try to apply the lessons learned. You will find that some work really well for you and others don’t. Don’t worry, and don’t feel that you have to use every idea from a book for it to be worthwhile. Even if you find one tidbit that makes your day better, then keep using that for continued growth.

Happy reading!

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