How I Use Social Media To Engage

I am most active on Facebook (both personal and with a business page), Twitter, and LinkedIn. I use each platform differently, so let’s take a look at each:

Facebook: Facebook is my number 1 go to social media platform. It’s a one stop shop, with personal connections, professional connections, and groups.

My personal profile is me, I talk about and share what’s on my mind, including religion and politics (yikes!). You can probably get a good sense of my love for my family and friends, puns, bad jokes, and music. I also share things that are of a professional interest. My sharing/posting is all in realtime, so if I’m feeling particularly sharey you might get inundated with a ton of posts all at once (sorry, not sorry). I also have been using Facebook Live every Wednesday to talk about the topics in my blog post for the week.

Groups have really taken off recently as a great way to connect with a larger community. It’s redesigning the old school Bulletin Board Systems for the 21st century. I’m active in several Groups, some are long term and others exist around a specific moment and then slow down or stop. From personal or professional development to keeping up on a game that you play, you can probably find a Group or two to meet your needs. (Shameless plug: If you’re looking for a Group and want to discuss some great books, join the Personal Development Book Club)

A Page can be for your business or special interest topic. On my Page I share one article a day (content curation) that I find interesting (scheduled with Buffer, see tools below). I also share my blog posts and Facebook Live videos here.

Twitter: I mainly use Twitter for content curation, I have eight posts a day scheduled (using Buffer, see tools below). I also use Social Jukebox (see tools below) to post inspirational quotes, a blog post, an invitation to subscribe to my blog, and an invitation to join my book club. My blog posts also get posted to my Twitter. My live interaction with Twitter is mainly through Tweet Chats. These are live, usually hour long, discussions focused around a topic with a set number of questions that those participating answer and discuss. Since it is live and because of the character limits of Twitter the discussion is quicker paced and more concise than might be found elsewhere. I usually find the chats to be very interesting and informative.

LinkedIn: I have one post per day scheduled through Buffer (see tools below) and I re-publish my blog posts as LinkedIn articles. Admittedly this is my least used platform of the three listed here. I keep my profile up to date and check in regularly, but don’t use it as much.

Tools: I use several tools to automate or assist with my social media engagement:

Buffer – I use Buffer to auto-post articles across all three of my social media platforms. I have different schedules for each and usually have different things posting to different places at different times so there isn’t too much duplication. The free version allows you to schedule up to 10 posts on each platform at a time.

Social Jukebox – I use Social Jukebox to post a motivational quote picture once an evening, a random blog post on Saturday, and every evening an invitation to sign up for my blog posts by email and to join my book club. I also send an automated thank you to my top interactors for the week every Friday.

Pablo by Buffer – I use Pablo to make all of the branded images I use for my blog posts. The image at the top of this post was created using Pablo.

Crowdfire – I use Crowdfire to manage my Twitter followers. This app makes it really easy to see who has followed or unfollowed you and then either Follow or Unfollow back. You are limited to 25 follows and 25 unfollows every 24 hours with the free version. I generally will unfollow anyone who unfollows me, but am more selective on who I follow.

TweetDeck – I use TweetDeck when participating in Tweet Chats. It helps to follow the conversation easier and to see my mentions to respond. If I spent more time on Twitter it would also be useful to set up different columns to monitor streams.

HootSuite – I manage the Facebook postings for my church congregation’s page. I use HootSuite to schedule all of the posts. I schedule posts out monthly.

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